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@thelilmoshow did her thing on this Ex Factor Cover on her new mixtape #NoShitSherlock

Time to take the braids out and let the hair breath

Debut radio single from sister-duo Tobbi & Tommi
Written and Produced by Levi “Too” King

The brand new single from DEITRICK HADDON & LEAGUE OF XTRAORDINARY WORSHIPPERS, from the upcoming album in stores April 22, 2014!

It’s the brand new single from the legendary KAREN CLARK SHEARD, titled “SUNDAY A.M.,” from her forthcoming Donald Lawrence-produced album, ‘Live In Chicago.’

I’m #TeamSisaundra for #TheVoice this year 



Your base is my foundation,
You are able to support me and my
Outlandish aspirations.
Your height creates a shadow,
When the sun’s rays want to counter
My cool,
I can rest assured that I won’t lose it.
Your face, is always pointed near me.
I needed to view you from all sides
To see, in love, there is no hiding.
Finally, Your heart is solid,
Solid as a rock, and enduring,
Your love will last forever.
My 7th wonder.